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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Change of Scenery…

For the past few months, Brian and I have been tossing around the idea of moving.  I grew up here in Georgia, and I’ve never lived further than an hour from my family.  Brian grew up as a military child, and he’s lived many, many places. 
We discussed the idea with the boys, and at first, we were all set on living somewhere with four distinct seasons…this would mean experiencing more than our fair share of snow.  However, after a few more Georgia cold spells, we began re-thinking that idea.  While I like snow, I’m not sure I’d want to experience it for several months out of the year.  In Georgia, snow is a rare thing, and we’ve grown accustomed to that.  So, we scratched the four season idea.
Then, we started considering a beach move.  Brian has always wanted to live at the beach, and I’ve always been very hesitant.  The thought of hurricanes scared me a bit, but I’ve realized that God is in complete control of our family.  Natural disasters can happen anywhere…fire, tornado, blizzard, hurricane, etc.  I don’t want to not move out of fear…I put all trust in Him, knowing that He has a plan for our life.  After much prayer, discussion, and thought, we’re going to GO FOR IT!  We will be moving to Melbourne Beach, Florida within the next few months. 
The boys are super excited, and Caleb is thrilled that he’ll be able to do more fishing…either in the ocean or the river.  Brian and I are also excited…I’m excited for us to make a fresh start in a new area as a family.  The closest any of our friends will be is about 30-45 minutes away (they moved to Melbourne a few years ago, and we’ve missed them terribly).  So, we’ll all be making new friends, and starting a new adventure.
Due to the fact that we have never lived at the beach, we’ve decided to go the safe route and rent a home for the first year.  This way, we will truly see what it’s like to deal with the hurricane season (although it changes yearly, I know) and to live the beach life.  Who knows…we may find out it’s not something we want to do 24/7/365…just nice for vacationing.  Or – we may fall in love and decide to make it our permanent residence.  Only time will tell…
Brian and I are heading down the middle of June to look for homes to rent.  We’re taking it a step further and going with a furnished rental because Brian is not up for moving twice.  We hope to put in a lease and start moving stuff down during July and take up permanent residence at the end of July.  Caleb comes home from Camp Twitch and Shout on the 26th of July, so we hope to head to our new home at that point. 
While I’m sad to be leaving my family and friends, I know that I’ll see them often.  Georgia will always hold a piece of my heart, and I know that I’ll be back to visit often.  And – our new beach home will always be open for visitors…so, if you’re looking for a beach getaway, come see us!  Smile 
Looking forward to what the future holds for our family…


Heather said...

Congrats! I lived in Melbourne when I was little, and that's where my parents met and married. I still have some family in that area. I think you will like it - if you can stand the snowbirds each winter! ;)

Lin said...

Well, that's very exciting....and brave! I think moving is a big deal for us being that we are still in our first home. I wish you much happiness in your new community!

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