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Friday, April 19, 2013

Fourth Grade Week 37

We are finished with another week, and here’s what Caleb was up to…
How To Be a Genius:  Your Brian and How To Train It by DK Publishing
Math for All Seasons by Greg Tang
The Grapes of Math by Greg Tang
DVDs/Movies The American Bible Challenge – GSN
Deadly Dozen:  Australia’s Deadly Dozen – Netflix
God of Wonders – Netflix
Beakman’s World – Netflix
Deadly Dozen:  Asia’s Deadly Dozen – Netflix
River Monsters
Myth Busters:  Exploding Toilet – Netflix
Myth Busters:  Deadly Straw – Netflix
Myth Busters:  Ancient Death Ray – Netflix
Games Tri-ominos
The Allowance Game
Animal Jam – PC
Monkey Quest – PC
Activities/Projects park time – rode bikes at the park
email – I used this to teach Caleb Language Arts skills.  I would send him an email, and he had to complete the task/objective.  Some of the things we worked on were identifying verbs/nouns, making words plurals, synonyms/antonyms, capitalization/punctuation, and writing.
domino building – Caleb used the dominos and Tri-ominos to do some building.

This was Caleb’s rendition of Stonehenge…he took the picture, tooIMG_0269
random towerIMG_0271
# of the day – Caleb chose to do a # of the day, and his # was 567.  This is where he has to do certain tasks with his chosen #…write it, rounding, adding, subtracting, etc.
vet appointment – both of our dogs had vet appointments, so Caleb accompanied his dad to these appointments.
magnet kit – Caleb and Micah had some fun playing with magnets
salt experiment – This was an experiment we started weeks ago, but it took FOREVER.  We put table salt and water in one cup and epsom salt and water in another.  The water mixed with table salt evaporated within a week, but it took a long time for the water mixed with epsom salt to evaporate.  The table salt crystals grew up and out of the cup; however, the epsom salt crystals did not…they stayed in the bottom of the cup.  This was a very interesting experiment, and Caleb enjoyed watching it over the weeks.  Here are the results…
We only have about 8 more days of school…YEAH!  Then, it’ll be summer break for a bit.  Smile  We commence with 5th grade (and Kindergarten for Micah) on June 4th. 


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