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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Third Grade Week 32.5 in Review

This wasn’t a full week, so I figured I’d give it half of a week’s recognition.  LOL!  The short week was a welcomed change, too, and we’re enjoying the mini break from schooling.  Here’s how the week went for us…
Bible – Our Bible lesson was on “God’s Children Obey,” and we read John 15:8-12.
Math – This week we worked on halfway between tens and borrowing from hundreds.  Caleb is still doing really well with his multiplication facts so far, and that makes my heart proud.
English – This week Caleb worked on using quotation marks and commas.  He did really well, and I’m thinking more work will help cement it all for him.
FUN SCHOOL – With this being a short week, we didn’t get to all of our FUN SCHOOL studies, but that’s okay.  Here’s what we did…

  • Take a Tour Tuesday – Caleb visited a site where he was able to see how chocolate is made from seed to sweet.  He really enjoyed it, but he would have loved it more if it had ended with a chocolate eating session.  Smile
  • Take It to Your Seat Tuesday – Caleb chose a “More Than One Meaning” activity.  He used sentences and word cards to complete sentences using words that have more than one meaning (bow, pitcher, plant, punch, etc).  He then completed two worksheets to make sure he understood the concept.
  • Who Do You Know Wednesday – This week Caleb chose to learn about George Washington Carver.  He used books from the library to gather his research so that he could complete his notebooking page.  As I was discussing one interesting fact with him, he said, “He was a ‘jobinaire’ (a word he created) because he had so many jobs.”  I couldn’t help but laugh, and then I had to explain that ‘jobinaire’ wasn’t a word, but he assured me that it should be.  Smile
The rest of our week will be spent enjoying the break from school.  We’ll gear back up for our next full week.  Until then, we’re going to enjoy some “free” time.  Smile


Day2DayPrinting.com said...

The chocolate field trip sounds very interesting. I wish there was a science of chocolate exhibit in Los Angles. If there was I would take my kids in a heartbeat.

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