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Friday, February 3, 2012

Third Grade Week 30 in Review

We completed another week, and once again it was a LOT of fun.  Here’s how our week went…
Bible – Our Bible stories were on “We Must Be Born Again” and “God’s Children Are New Creatures.”  We read John 3:1-5 and I John 3:1-3.
Math – We worked on writing thousands, what time did it happen, and order of factors.  Caleb is still doing really well with this math program, and I’ve already ordered our materials to continue for 4th grade.  Smile
FUN SCHOOL – We had another awesome week of fun school studies.

  • Make Something Monday – Since Caleb wanted to work on origami, we read The Paper Crane by Molly Bang.  Then, he got busy on some origami projects.  I must say – this was not an easy task.  We checked out two books from the library, but it wasn’t easy by any means.  I ended up having to help him a LOT!
Caleb’s catIMG_8625
  • Mathematical Monday – Since “making 10” is what makes adding and subtracting easy, I decided I wanted to help Caleb “cement” those math facts.  So, he worked on a “Sum 10” activity.  We then played a Pyramid 10 game, and it was a LOT of fun…we’ll definitely play it again.
  • Travel Somewhere Tuesday – This week Caleb decided he wanted to visit Japan.  So, he read a few library books on Japan, and then he worked on some crossword puzzles.
  • Technology Tuesday – Caleb watched two DVDs on Abraham Lincoln.
  • Working With Words Wednesday – This activity replaces Wednesday Writing, but it’s the same idea.  Since Caleb has recently studied prepositional phrases, I wanted to do an activity that would help him with that.  After talking to Mari Beth, a fellow homeschooling mom, I came up with a hands-on activity using the “The mouse goes ____ the box(es).”  Caleb had to place a mouse somewhere in relation to a box, and then write the preposition describing his placement. 
  • Want to Know Wednesday – I asked Caleb what he wanted to learn more about, and he chose organs.  After telling him we have lots of organs, I had him narrow it down to two…he chose the brain and the lungs.  We did some reading about these two organs, and then he completed a notebooking page.
  • Think It Through Thursday – Caleb played an inference riddle game online.  This game made it a bit obvious that we need to work on inferences.  Smile
  • Turn the Page Thursday – Caleb read some of his books, and then he shared 3 facts that he learned while reading. 
Be sure to check back next week as we implement a few new concepts into the FUN SCHOOL schedule. 


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