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Friday, February 10, 2012

Third Grade Week 31 in Review

We are done with another week of schooling.  This week was a little off because our calendar started in full force this week.  Caleb is running track, and with practice 3x a week and other obligations, life just got a little bit CRAZY!  Smile  Here’s how our week of schooling went…
Bible – We discussed “God’s Children Love Him” and “God’s Children Love One Another.”  We read John 12:1-3 and 1 John 4:7-11.
English – Caleb finished up his ACE Pace by doing a little review work.  He then took his test, and he scored 100%.
Math – This week Caleb worked on multiplying by 1, thousands and ones, multiplying by 0, and right angles.
FUN SCHOOL – It was harder finding time to get everything accomplished this week, but we still did well.

  • Map It MondayThis week we talked about timelines.  Caleb then completed an Event Log of his life, and then he turned that into a timeline.
  • Meet the Press Monday – Caleb decided that he would report on Animal Secrets.  He took some time to do his research, and then he presented his facts.
  • Take a Tour Tuesday – Caleb decided that he wanted to check out an organic egg farm, so we used this link.
  • Take It To Your Seat Tuesday – Caleb chose to work on a Food Webs activity this week.  He used cards to make his own food webs, and then he had to draw a food web.  He decided one wasn’t enough, so he drew another one.  Smile
  • Who Do You Know Wednesday – Caleb chose to study Abraham Lincoln this week.  I must admit, Abe is my favorite president.  So, I was pleased with Caleb’s choice.  He used library books to learn what he could, and then he completed a mini bio notebooking page.
  • Well-Played Wednesday – Caleb chose to play a new game we picked up…Brian Quest Smart!  It was a good game, and I think it’ll be one we play a lot around here.  Smile
  • Trivia Thursday – Since Caleb was out sick on Thursday, I chose to skip this when we continued with school this week.
  • Turn the Page Thursday – Caleb enjoyed reading his library books.
Like I said, our lives are crazy now that track is upon us.  Adding in a sickness doesn’t make it any easier.  So, we’re doing well to get school done.  Smile


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