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Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Fun in Middle Georgia

If you know anything about the south, then you know that it’s a rare sight to see some snow.  Well, this is the 2nd snow in less than a year.  You can see the fun from the 1st snow way back in March of ‘09
It started off as rain earlier today, but by about 2:30pm it had turned to snow.  And as of now, it’s still coming down.  We let the boys get out in it this afternoon, and they had a blast.  We were much better prepared this year as opposed to last.  All of that snow gear we bought for our mountain trip came in handy today.  Here are some pictures of the fun…

The front of the house earlier this afternoon.IMG_5114 The backyard earlier this afternoon.IMG_5117 Here comes trouble…IMG_5121Caleb making a snow angel.IMG_5122 There’s the little guy…all bundled up.IMG_5125Even Little Man wants in on the fun…he was running around like crazy.IMG_5127 Caleb decided he’d attempt to go down the slide…it wasn’t a good idea.IMG_5131 Brian brought out his RC car for some fun.IMG_5135Micah just walked and walked all over the yard.IMG_5142 There he is again…and don’t mind that mess behind him.  We have one curious first grader who likes to play in the yard.  So, he overturned the pool and collected “murky water.”  IMG_5149 There’s our two boys…such fun little guys.IMG_5157 Where’s Micah?!!?  You can hardly see him through all the snow.IMG_5166 The snowman…he didn’t get completed because someone knocked him down.  I won’t name any names though Caleb.IMG_5170I went outside while cooking supper to take a picture of the huge snowflakes.  They were HUGE!!!!  This picture doesn’t do them justice.IMG_5176 Looking up into the sky trying to get a better view…IMG_5180 There’s been quite a bit of snowfall since earlier in the afternoon.IMG_5186 The front of the house again this evening.IMG_5187
So, we’ve had lots of fun.  The boys were able to build a snowman, throw snowballs, and just be boys.  We’ll see how much is left tomorrow.  Who knows…they may get to play some more!  Stay tuned for a quick video…


Lin said...

How fun! I'll bet the kids were really excited to go out to play in it. We're sort of tired of it here, but I'm glad you had a taste of our winter. :)

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