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Sunday, February 28, 2010

First Grade Week 34 in Review

Wow!  It’s amazing that we are still on track this year.  Caleb’s been doing really well, and he’s getting the job done.  So, that’s what counts! 
Here’s how this week panned out:
Heritage Studies:  We started talking about things that people need by discussing how people need food and shelter.
Science:  We finished up our rainforest lapbook by discussing different types of rainforest animals and the layers of the rainforest.  Caleb is still finishing up some of the coloring, and once he’s done, I’ll post the finished project.
Math:  We discussed place value, 1 more/1 less, 10 more/10 less, and comparing numbers.  Caleb did really with the material this week.  He still seems to thrive in math.
Bible:  Our Bible story this week was on “God Gives Us Faith in Christ Alone.”  Our memory work was First Catechism questions 60 and 61.
Vocabulary:  We added “chart, button, view, land, and tearful” to our list of vocabulary terms.
Phonics & English:  We added “dear and near” to our list of service words.  In English skills we discussed suffixes, abc order, homonyms/homophones, and comparison (-er and –est).
We are gearing up for another session of co-op.  Classes start on Thursday, the 4th, and Caleb is taking 4 classes.  I’m teaching 2 classes and assisting in 2.  Micah will be in the nursery again.  We’re super excited, and we’ll post more details soon.
Stay tuned to find out what we study this upcoming week.  We’ll also be celebrating a little guy’s 2nd birthday as well!  So, there will be lots to post!


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