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Thursday, February 4, 2010

First Grade Week 32 in Review

Well, we are done with another week.  Again, it feels so good to be on track and doing school 4 days a week.  I LOVE this homeschooling gig (well, on most days…lol).
Here’s how this week panned out:
Heritage Studies:  We discussed religions in the New World, the Puritans, and a Separatist Sunday.
Science:  We started a new lapbook this week.  We’re working on Jena the Jaguar and Her Rainforest Friends.  This week we worked on the rainforest vocabulary, and Caleb was able to color two parrots for decoration.  He’s decided that we’ll hang them from the ceiling in the schoolroom. 
Math:  We discussed symmetry and patterns.  Caleb had to draw lines of symmetry and complete patterns.
Bible:  We reviewed the Bible verses we’ve been studying the past 3 weeks.  Our Bible story this week was on “The Shepherds Saw Christ the Lord.”  Have you noticed that our Bible stories have focused on Jesus’ birth here lately?  Ummm…yeah…I should have ordered the winter set before  Christmas, but I didn’t.  Oh well, you can always discuss the birth of Jesus…not just at Christmas.
Vocabulary:  We added “headlight, pattern, caution, alone, and gleaming” to our list of vocabulary terms.
Phonics & English:  We added “brought” to our list of service words.  The “-edge, –udge, –atch, and –itch” families were added to our word family list.  In English skills we discussed alphabetical order.
Extra Stuff:  You know, Caleb has his good and “not-so-good” weeks with spelling.  So, I turned to my fellow homeschool moms over at homeschool reviews, and I asked for some online sites that he could use to improve his spelling skills.  Well, let me just tell ya…I cannot say enough good things about Spelling City.  Caleb has had so much fun playing the games and actually “learning” how to spell his words for this week.  So, if you have a struggling speller, then I would highly recommend you head on over and check it out.  You can input your own words or use their pre-made list.  And no – I’m not getting paid or compensated for this review…LOL!  I am just really thrilled to have found the site!  Now, if only I could find some MATH review sites with online games…hint, hint!!!!
Thanks for following our journey.  We’ll be back next week to share more fun stuff!


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