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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Operation Ottoman Restore

Brian and I have been married nearly 10 years, and our furniture is just as old.  Well, with age comes wear.  Yeah, yeah…I know…I don’t like to hear it either. 
With the aging process, our ottoman was looking all ratty.  We were going to just toss it, but we’ve found that finding a storage ottoman is next to impossible these days.  So, we decided we’d tackle a restoration project.  Besides, I’ve seen those designers on Trading Spaces upholster lots of things, and it doesn’t look that difficult.
So, that’s what we did.  We ventured to one of our local fabric stores to find the right fabric.  Boy, that was a feat.  Both boys were running around like wild children well-behaved in the store, and we were able to get in and get out quickly in there FOREVER!  It was tough finding a fabric that we both liked, so I finally just gave in and went with Brian’s choice.  Don’t get me wrong…I liked it, but it wasn’t my first choice.
The project took us half a day because we still had to take care of both boys, and Brian had to deal with his clients on the phone.  But – the ottoman looks brand new, and we are hoping it will last another TEN years.  So, here are some pictures of our ottoman restore. 

BEFORE – it’s in rough shape.IMG_5215 IMG_5216
This is the top.  We had already knocked out the portion that covers the boards that you see.  The pictures don’t do the fabric justice.  The green circles look gold in most of the pictures, so it was hard to find the right camera setting.IMG_5218
This is that top portion mentioned in the previous caption.IMG_5219
This is the top all completed.IMG_5222
Brian screwed the top back on, and the boys decided to get in the picture.  See what I mentioned earlier…you can’t see the green at all, but it’s there.  Drastic change don’t you think?!!?IMG_5226 This is the bottom.  It proved to be a tad bit more difficult since we weren’t sewing anything.  I can’t sew, so that was out of the question.  IMG_5227 AFTER – much better I think.  Now, here’s to another TEN years Mr. Ottoman!IMG_5230


Jenny said...

So sorry to say I haven't been over to visit for some time now, but I was so excited to see your new blog look- it's great!! You always have the best blog designs! And the ottoman looks fab! Great job ;-)

Heather said...

I like the fabric you all went with. Looks like you two did a great job.

SuzyQ said...

You did a great job! It looks brand new. Now that you are a pro you want to come recover my couch??????

Sawatzky family said...

Great job on the ottoman! I really like the fabric very modern!
Well done :)

Lin said...

Hey, you did a really great job!! You must be very proud of that. I used to work at the fabric store and I would laugh when folks would come in with those sorts of projects. I used to say "HGTV empowers fools", but you proved me wrong. Good for you!

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