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Monday, February 2, 2009

Menu Plan Monday -- Week of February 2nd, 2009

We're really trying to do better at sticking to the menu. We seem to do well until the weekend hits. Then, something comes up, and we end up eating out. Oh well, it's okay! We manage, and we're doing much better than we were a few weeks ago. Be sure to check out the MPM meme here if you want more menus. Here's the menu for this week:

Monday -- Ate at a friend's house
Tuesday -- Homemade Pizza w/pepperoni, green pepper, mushrooms, onion, and pineapple
Wednesday -- Hamburgers, French Fries
Thursday -- Homemade Chicken Fajitas, Mexican Rice
Friday -- Noodles w/Eggs and Bacon
Saturday -- Leftovers
Sunday -- Roasted Chicken, Tater Tot Casserole, Steamed Broccoli

I'm always willing to share any and all recipes. Just ask. Enjoy and happing cooking everyone!



tara @ kidz said...

Mmmm you just made me hungry for some Tater Tot Casserole! Love that stuff!

Reese said...

Menu planning is such a time saver! Here's mine
Monday: Baked Ziti
Tuesday: Chicken breasts and rice
Wednesday: Use leftover chicken for chicken biscuits and gravy with broccoli
Thursday: Cheeseburger pie
Friday: Takeout!

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