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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Back To Life, Back To Reality...

Remember that song? Well, that's my theme for now. LOL! Caleb and I returned from our mini-vacation to FL yesterday. All in all, it was a GREAT trip, and we had a good time. Granted, there were those few times when I needed to have a good you're going to get a HUGE spanking" "Come to Jesus" meeting with him. But -- when you get 3 wild and crazy kiddos together, that's bound to happen.

And -- can I just say I have THE BEST husband ever?!!? You see, while I was off visiting and saying goodbye see you soon to my friend, he was here with the baby. And -- you know what?!!? He managed to make the house sooo sparkling clean. I came home to a house cleaner than when I left. That was sooo nice. He was sooo funny about it. He would send me texts and pics of the progress he was making. He even cleaned the bathrooms, and well, he does NOT do bathrooms. It's just not his thing, but he did it...just because. And why did he do it? Well, that's just his way of saying "I love you." He took the time to make it all clean so I wouldn't have to come home and do it myself. How sweet?!!? No, he's not available for your cleaning...sorry...he's all mine!

I will post more about our trip and our many fun adventures later. We spent the day visiting with some of our friends at a local museum, eating a nice Southern lunch, and going to speech. Now, I'm trying to tackle some laundry and catch up on other stuff.


Laura said...

I'd say you've got one great husband, Sherrie! Your truly blessed. Not many men would have done that!

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