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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Florida Fun

We left for Florida around 9am on Saturday morning (Valentine's Day). The trip down there was loud and lots of fun. I had both boys with me, and man...they had a good ol' time. Tina rode with Laura, and I'm sure her car was much quieter! We got there around 4:30, and the kids wanted to check out the beach. So, we obliged. It was nice and warm, but we had to cut the fun short because we needed to make a Walmart run. I tell ya...what is a vacation without a Walmart run? Don't you always manage to run to Walmart while on vacation? I would think something was wrong if I didn't. LOL!

Well, before heading to Walmart, we stopped at Burger King to grab some supper. And -- let me tell you...I had never felt soooo weird in my life. It was 7pm on a Saturday night, and NO ONE was there. We were the only patrons, and they workers were a bit too eager. Then, some weird young guys came in, and another group of young guys just sat in the parking lot waiting for us to leave until they entered. It's almost like it was a drug joint or something. Who knows?!!?

We managed to grab what we needed at Walmart and headed back to TLF (temporary living facility). Adam, Laura's husband, is a pilot, and they are being stationed at Patrick AFB in Melbourne, FL. Hence the TLF.

Sunday we woke up, and I watched the boys while Laura and Tina ran to the commissary to grab some groceries. Once they returned, we headed to the Brevard Zoo. It was lots of fun. It turned out to be a nice day (minus a few showers), and the kids had a blast.
Best buddies...Hunter and Caleb Hunter, Tina, and Caleb Caleb feeding the lories (they all had sooo much fun doing this).
Laura, Hunter, and Tina...Laura was quite the lorie attraction. LOL!
Notice that mouth...he was a bit nervous.
Hunter managed to get one to land on him, too.
They are just mesmerized.
Bald Eagle...beautiful bird.
I'm gonna miss seeing these two boys together...they are such good buds.
Laura and Tina
Caleb wanted to stick his whole head thru the hole. LOL!

Tina, Laura, and Hunter...we're gonna miss you guys.

This was the Paws Zone...lots of hands-on stuff for kiddos. This section let them experiment making animal homes.

Look at the sea turtle. He looks an awful lot like Caleb.

Looks like the sea turtle is laying some eggs.

Caleb petting the turtles...looks like the turtles are busy doing "other" things. LOL!

Caleb petting the armadillo.

After we got back from the zoo, we let the kids play at the beach. They had sooo much fun.

Tina picking up sea shells.

Hunter and Caleb running on the beach...the beach was private for Patrick AFB, and no one was around. The kids could run like the wind.Caleb looking for sea shells.

Laura helping Hunter make a sand castle.

There were so many dismembered crabs. Caleb managed to find a whole one...it's dead. LOL!

Feeding the sea gulls...Look at all those greedy little birds...LOL!

On Monday, Caleb and I hung out while Laura took Hunter and Tina to pick up their new school uniforms. When they returned, we headed back out to the beach. It was soooo darn windy. The sand was just blowing all over the place, but it didn't stop the kids. They had a blast just throwing wet sand into the ocean. It was a sight to see for sure.

Tuesday, Hunter and Tina had to start school at their new school. Hunter was done at noon, so we picked him up, had lunch, and then took the boys to a park in the neighborhood where the Neils will live. They had a blast. Then, we grabbed some Icees from 7-Eleven and picked Tina up from school. We went back to the TLF and let the kids make foam visors by decorating them with foam stickers. They had fun. Then, we all headed to Smokey Bones for dinner. It was Laura's treat for us since we were leaving the next morning.

We said our good-byes on Wednesday, and Caleb and I headed home. We had a good time, and we are truly going to miss our friends. But -- we know we will see them often. Besides, who doesn't like going to the beach?!!? Now, we have a reason and a place to stay. LOL!


The Neils said...

Miss you guys already! Its so quiet around here. Thanks for coming out to get me settled!

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