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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pretty blues, orange noses, and moving right along...

Wow, I'm guessing you're wondering what in the world this post will be about with that crazy title, huh? Well, let me go ahead and fill you in.

First of all, little Micah has the prettiest blue eyes. I know I've posted about them before, but they are just soooo darn blue. I have a feeling we'll be in big trouble with the ladies when he's older. LOL!

Now, about orange noses...you see, the baby food makers (ie Gerber, Beechnut, and Del Monte) really irk me sometimes. Micah is eating Stage 3 baby foods, and well, there just aren't very many green foods. There's "green beans and rice" and "broccolie with cheese and carrots." That's about it. So, I do feed him those green veggies, but he also gets lots of orange veggies...a lot more than green. And -- I've always heard that if you feed them too many orange foods that they can turn orange. Well, our little Micah has an orange nose of sorts. So, we've changed our game plan, and he will now get something green everyday. This means that I've got to do my work and get some foods made up myself. I never thought I'd fool with that, but hopefully smashing up some cooked frozen peas or spinach won't be too difficult. I may even try some avocado. Brian and I don't like it, but you never know...maybe Micah will.

Finally, moving right along...you see, Micah has been pulling up on Brian and me for about a week now. Well, this evening, he decided to attempt pulling up on the couch. And -- you guessed it...he was successful! So, he's now pulling up on stuff and walking along as well. So, I'm sure it's only a matter of weeks before he's actually taking steps and walking. This is early for us...Caleb didn't walk until he was almost a year old. But -- with the way Micah has been progressing this whole time (he's been doing things a lot earlier than Caleb did), we're not surprised at all. So, look for the "He's walking" post to come soon. LOL!


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