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Monday, November 3, 2008

Homeschool Week 19 in Review

Woo-hoo...finally another week done. I tell you, something is always coming up. If it's not an illness, then it's something around the house. But -- then again, that's the flexibility of homeschooling, so we are blessed.

Here's what we did this week:
Beginnings: Our theme was "By the Pond", so we talked about frogs and turtles. We reviewed the letters "x" and "z." The service word "what" was added, and the "-ix", "-ox", and "-ess" word families were added. We also reviewed plurals. Caleb read another book that reinforced all his words, and the book this week was "The Big Mess." We could really relate to the story because Caleb always has a big mess in his playroom. LOL!

Math: Our concept this week was the calendar. We do the calendar on a daily basis, but this chapter reinforced a lot of those skills. We also reviewed addition by using word problems to write addition facts.

Bible: We added question 22 to the First Catechism study. Our Bible verses for the week were 2 Peter 3:11b and 1 Peter 1:16b.

Music: We talked about the term "piano" which means "soft", and we reviewed "forte" which means "loud."

Art: We used a paper plate to make a frog puppet. Caleb also made a birthday card for Opa. His drawing skills have really improved. I'll have to upload the pictures of the card so you all can see how much he's progressed in that area...so stay tuned.

Thanks again for following our homeschooling adventure. We look forward to sharing more with you!


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