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Friday, November 14, 2008

Homeschool Week 20 in Review

I'm truly hoping that we can get caught up with homeschooling by the beginning of the week of Thanksgiving. It may mean that we double (or even triple) up on some days, but I think we can do it. Our reading lessons for the next 3 weeks (what should be 3 weeks) are just simple themes, so we can go a bit faster. With all that said, here's how this week panned out:

Beginnings: Our theme for the week was Grandpa's Farm. So, obviously, we discussed farm animals (cows, pigs, etc). We finished up reviewing the alphabet with "y" and "q." I'll admit, I'm glad we're done reviewing all the letters. Caleb already knew them, so I was ready to be done. We read new word family words that have the initial "y" and "qu". "Said" was added to our list of service words. The book for this week was A Noisy Duck. Caleb did an excellent job reading this book, and I think he really enjoyed it. We're so proud of the progress he's making in reading.

Math: We finished up our review on the calendar, and then we moved on to a more important concept...MONEY! Caleb learned the difference between a bill and a coin. He also learned the "cent" sign and that a penny is worth 1 cent. Since he's really into money, I think he's going to enjoy this chapter.

Bible: We reviewed First Catechism questions 16-22. Our Bible verses for the week were Genesis 2:7a and Genesis 2:22a. Caleb still does well in this area, and we couldn't be happier.

Music: We learned some Christmas carols and talked about the "beat" of music...ie tempo. Caleb did really well.

Art: We made mud designs by using a Q-tip to paint with brown paint. Caleb had lots of fun with this idea. He also spent lots of "extra" time (on his own initiative) working on his drawing skills. He really loves to draw, and he is doing really well.

As always, thanks for following our journey. Let us know you're reading. We'd love to see your comments.


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