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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

BFS Assignment #109 We Bring Good Things To Life (GE)

The passion to sing, the passion to draw, the passion to build, the passion to ride, the passion for reading, the passion for nature… the list is endless. Some children exhibit their passion from day one, others need an experience to spark that passion.
Assignment: Share a field trip/lifestyle learning experience where you really felt you were bringing good things to life for your children, where something came alive for them, or ignited a passion.

Wow...Caleb has soooo many interests at the moment. Because he's so young, I don't know how long any of them will last. It seems as though it changes on a weekly basis. Some of the more consistent passions of his are animals and drawing/writing.

The boy LOVES animals...I mean all things animals. Whether it be fishing, hunting (his new interest since visiting my brother's girlfriend's house), etc...if it has to do with animals, then he's all over it. He has tons of animals that he plays with on a regular basis as well. This is where he really lets his imagination run wild. He'll pretend he's got African animals on the safari, rain forest animals, etc. And -- the quesitons...I think Brian and I need to study up on our animals because Caleb is full of questions related to the subject. He wants to know what they eat, where they live, etc. So, that's his number one interest I'd say.

He's also really into drawing and writing. He loves to just grab his doodle pads and start drawing or writing. This interest has really come into fruition a lot since he got some "how to draw" books for his birthday. So, he'll look at the pictures and attempt to draw them. I will admit that he has improved greatly. He also loves to write sentences.

Now, as for Micah...well, he's a bit too young to have any interests right now. At the moment he's into learning how to stand up and wave "bye-bye." So, I guess you could say his interest right now is learning new things...LOL!

The memory verse for me this week is still Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path." These verses really help to keep me grounded because I know that no matter what is happening, I can always Trust the Lord. He will never lead me wrong.

Here are a few pictures of Caleb putting his writing and drawing skills to work.


Sombra said...

Is Caleb a lefty? I ask because he leans his letters backwards.. some righties do this, but it's more often a lefty trait.

My first is a lefty.

MRs. Sombra
BFS Teacher

Sherrie said...

No, he's a righty. I have failed to really focus on the proper slant. He went from learning ball and stick to the BJU precursive, and that was enough of a "kink" to him. So, we'll worry about the slant later. :) His dad is a lefty though.

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