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Monday, November 3, 2008

A little update on Mr. Micah...

Wow...Micah will be 8 months old on Wednesday. It's hard to believe that much time has passed. He's growing by leaps and bounds, and he's learning all sorts of new tricks. He is now very mobile and crawling EVERYWHERE! So, the house is in need of some baby-proofing, because he is one curious little booger.

He is also able to now sit up from a lying position. He could sit up if we sat him up a while back, but now he's able to just sit up from whatever it is he's doing. We don't think it will be long before he's pulling up. He's already starting to show signs of interest in that skill...so look for that post soon.

He's now up to 6 teeth. He has both upper and lower central incisors, and he's getting one upper and lower lateral incisor as I type this. I look for the other two lateral incisors to pop through really soon.

We're starting to slowly introduce him to some table foods. He's had some pasta, some bread, some pie (bad daddy), some yogurt, and a few other things (I cannot remember for the life of me). We'll move him up to the Stage 3 foods sometime this week. I don't know how he'll do with those. Caleb really didn't like the texture of them. If Micah is the same way, then we'll just stick with the ones we know he'll eat.

Anyway, I figured he deserved a little update since Caleb is always getting blog time.


khohn2 said...

Nice to catch up a bit with your family. I so wish I could see your boys in person!!!

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