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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Micah’s First Day of Preschool…aka Pre-K

Micah had a brief stint at a local church preschool back when he was two, but I pulled him out after Christmas break.  So, he’s been home doing ‘school’ with us ever since.  Since Caleb experienced 3 years of church preschool and really loved it and thrived from it, I wanted Micah to have that same experience.  Well, he’ll have just one year, but it’ll be enough I think.  He’s going to preschool at one of the local Methodist churches.  It just so happens that my mom is the teacher for the two-year-olds, so if I should need to send him home with grandma, then it’ll be easy to do.  Smile  He’ll be going from 9-12 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 
All summer he asked…”when does grandma’s school start?”  Well, yesterday was THE DAY!  He had no problems going into his class or getting settled…I think he’s looking forward to the break from home, and it’ll give Caleb and I some much needed quiet time for school.



Lin said...

Do you plan on homeschooling for high school too? What do you do for socialization? We were just talking with friends about how the homeschool kids have such a hard time adjusting to college and living on campus. I didn't know what your thoughts were that far ahead.

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