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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fourth Grade Week 11

We were scheduled to finish up week 11 last week, but due to some errands that couldn’t be avoided, school got postponed one day.  So, we finished it up today.  The silver lining is that we have the rest of this week OFF! 
YEAH!  Here’s how week 11 went…
Bible – The first question for this week was “Where is the Garden of Eden?”  We read Genesis 2:10-14 and Genesis 7:18-23 to find the answer.  The second question was “Does Genesis 1:1-2 refer to the first day?”  We read Genesis 1:1-5 for that answer.
Math – This week Caleb worked on adding larger numbers, understanding millimeters, borrowing across zero, subtracting uneven tens or hundreds, adding uneven tens or hundreds, equal fractions, and zero as a placeholder.
Classical Conversations Foundations – We’re slowing getting into a really good routine with our CC work.  Here’s the memory work and other activities for this week…

  • English – prepositions ‘along, amid, among, around, at, atop’
  • Science – some of the parts of an animal cell
  • History – the Greek and Roman gods
  • Math – counting by 5s and 6s
  • Latin – 1st Declension Singular and Plural Noun Endings
  • Geography – the Hebrew Empire…Judah, Israel, Jordan River, Dead Sea, Sea of Galilee, Phoenicia
  • Timeline – Hinduism in India, Phoenicians and the Alphabet, Olmecs of Mesoamerica, Israelite Exodus and Desert Wandering, Israelite Conquest and Judges, Greek Dark Ages, Israel’s United Kingdom
  • Science Experiment – Due to rainy weather, we had to move to week 4’s science which discussed pollution and the effects of pollution.
  • Art – This week we worked on upside down images.
Classical Conversations Essentials
  • Grammar – This week we learned all about nouns and pronouns.  Caleb also learned a new punctuation and capitalization rule, as well as a new spelling rule and new homophones.  This week we also added in the Analytical Task Sheet…this is where I dictate a sentence, and he writes it.  Then, he has to go over several steps to make sure the sentence is correct, identify parts of speech/roles, and then diagram it (we will eventually get to this part).
  • Writing – Caleb wrote, edited, and typed up a final copy of his Desert Tarantula paper.  Then, he did a keyword outline for the Pillbug article.  After that, he had to write, edit, and type up a final copy.
I’m glad to have this week off…in fact, I’m loving our new schedule of every other Friday off and one week off each month (roughly).  It’s nice to get a week to catch up things around the house, or just BREATHE!  Smile  Micah started preschool today, so I’ll be back later with some pictures of his first day.


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