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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Introducing Gizmo…

We purchased Gizmo, a two-month-old Shih-Poo, over the weekend.  We were able to welcome him into our home yesterday.  Yeah, yeah, yeah…I’m crazy for allowing another pet into our home, but I truly think Gizmo is special.  You see…Caleb has not liked dogs too much…well, he hasn’t been happy with Little Man.  Since we had Little Man before Caleb was born, he’s always been a wee bit jealous.  So, we didn’t think we’d ever get another dog if Caleb had anything to say about it.  Even when the idea was presented over the weekend, Caleb said he’d just have his lizard and Micah could have the new dog (before we had seen/purchased him).
I guess Gizmo pulled at Caleb’s heartstrings, and he’s in love…he LOVES that he can play with Gizmo.  It warms my heart to see him interacting with Gizmo and being truly happy.  So, he was a GREAT purchase, and I think Gizmo has stolen all of our hearts.

Caleb and GizmoIMG_8026
Little Man…grumpy in his old ageIMG_8027
He’s a little furballIMG_8036
Gizmo with his pigIMG_8038
Micah and GizmoIMG_8043
Goofy MicahIMG_8049
Look at that face…IMG_8050
Acckk… a snakeIMG_8051
A boy and his dog…IMG_8052
Warms my heart…IMG_8055

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