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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Caleb’s Bedroom Makeover

Back over the summer, Brian and I had a “duh parenting” moment.  We realized that while we had spent time reducing the use of chemicals in our home and cleaning up our diets, we had overlooked one area.  Caleb’s bedroom was decorated with taxidermy animals.  Yep…lots of once living animals were hanging on the walls.  What we didn’t think about at the time was how all of the chemicals used in the taxidermy process were seeping into Caleb’s bedroom and in essence, his system.  So, we came to our senses and realized that it was time for a bedroom makeover.  We promised Caleb that we would use the money we received from selling all of his taxidermy animals to decorate his room in the décor of his choice.  After much back and forth, he finally settled on a COWBOY room. 
Brian and I went to Hobby Lobby and bought lots of COWBOY décor to bring life into Caleb’s bedroom.  We also purchased him a bunk bed loft system (again, his choice).  We were in the process of removing carpet from the living room, and Caleb wanted his carpet gone, too.  So, we hired a crew to put in laminate floors.  Since the room was going to be made over, it made sense to have the walls painted/repaired, too.  So, we hired a painting crew to come in and paint his room (and some other rooms).   Once his room was painted and the bedroom furniture was built, it was time to start decorating.  Caleb got to choose what was put on each wall, and I must say…the finished project is GREAT!  I LOVE his room, and I think he does.  I also love that it’s one that can grow with him…even if he chooses to dismiss the COWBOY theme, his bedding will work with something else.  Or – he can keep the COWBOY theme until he moves out…either way, it works, and we’re all in love!  Smile

The view of Caleb’s room from the hallwayIMG_7983
Caleb’s bedroom doorIMG_7950
Wall right of his closetIMG_7951
Wall left of his closetIMG_7952
Right of his bedIMG_7953
Boot hooksIMG_7954
Wagon wheel above his bedIMG_7956
Wall across from his bedIMG_7958
Praying cowboyIMG_7970
Roping cowboyIMG_7968
Wall left of his windowIMG_7959
Western themed shadow boxIMG_7961
Smith & Wesson gun chartIMG_7963
Bunk bed loft system…steps/drawers on the left, desk on the rightIMG_7965
Close-up of his beddingIMG_7976
Now, Micah wants his room re-decorated.  However, the deal is…he MUST sleep in his own big boy bed before that happens.  LOL!  Smile  I’m sure it won’t happen any time soon.


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