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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

City of Warner Robins Water Department–FAIL!!!!

Okay, if you’ve been following my blog, I’m sure you’ve seen me post before about our water line issues.  You don’t remember?  Well, let me refresh your memory…you can read about our troubles HERE and HERE.  Trust me, it has happened more than twice…I just haven’t blogged about it each time.  I’ve mentioned it on Facebook, too.  The lovely city we live in has been trying to take the easy route and only repair the line.  In our opinion, the whole thing needs to be ripped out and replaced.  If not…well, we’ll see this happen again.  It’s honestly happened about 5-6 times since 2008.  I mean…RIDICULOUS!  Yes…we’ve been on TV about it, but that didn’t do anything…it continues to happen.  Maybe a city worker will stumble upon my blog and see how disgusted we are as homeowners.  I was telling Brian today that I’m SURE it has decreased the value of our home.  It’s obviously something that would have to be pointed out should we ever decide to sale our home (no not any time in the near future thanks to this economy and real estate market).

Well, today was no different.  Around 10:30ish I told the boys to be quiet and behave because I was going to take a shower (we were going to head out to our last homeschool park day for the year).  Well, as I walked by the front door I noticed a city truck parked in front of our house.  By now, I know exactly what those trucks mean…the WATER IS OUT!  Sure enough…there’s nothing coming from the faucets.  I went into a bit of a panic mode because I knew we had to leave the house to be at the park by 1pm, and I needed to get cleaned up.  Hmmm…what to do?!!?

I called another homeschooling mom who lives around the corner, and her water was fine.  You see – it’s just OUR street that’s always affected.  In fact, this is the SECOND time it’s been in OUR front yard!  So, I packed up the boys and off we went so I could get cleaned up. 

By the time we left for the park around 12:30pm, the city had done NOTHING to fix the problem.  Well, they had marked all of the lines, but no digging had begun.  I knew it was going to be a while before the problem was resolved…just wasn’t sure how long.

Brian made it home while we were still at the park, and he texted that they had dug a huge hole.  The sidewalk was bulging in front of our house, so they had to dig up part of our grass, too.  Nice…same thing that happened another time we went through this.  Sad smile 

When we arrived home from the park, Micah took his nap while Caleb watched the workers through the window.  He said at one point, “This is like a movie…let’s open the window so we can hear them talking.”  LOL!  I chose NOT to open the window, so he just watched a silent movie.  Smile

At around 5:30pm, the water was back on.  They were still outside filling the hole and marking off the damaged area.  We opted to head out for supper (this was a welcome break from cooking), and we returned home to see the final mess.  So, here’s how our yard looks right now…





Isn’t that a LOVELY site?  What?  You’re not jealous?  Surely you jest!  Smile  Hopefully the city will do their part to repair our grass/yard sometime in the near future…we won’t hold our breath though!


hotpants™ said...

One would think that the professionals would be able to fix it so it doesn't happen anymore. I'm not surprised though. Our city workers are no better.

heidi said...

OH MY! I am feeling for you. We have a termite infested tree that the CITY owns and we were told we couldn't touch it or we'd be fine fiercely. Now my house has termites!! My whole front bay window needs to be repaired. I have complained the city for years and warned them something like this would happen. They don't care. They tell me the tree is fine. On hot summer days here in SoCa, a blistery 95 degrees, the termites fly all about that tree. I'm praying for the Lord to lighting strike that tree straight into ashes.

Lin said...

Ugh. Been there. We had a water main break in front of our house years ago and when the village finally came out, they told me that the puddle on the sidewalk was from rain. Yeah/no.

Anywho, I kept calling, nicely to remind them about my property and even stopped by their garage to drop off donuts to "thank" them when they did come out to level the dirt pile. They ended up doing a good job, so I say make 'em some cookies or something.

Those city workers go far with a little treat, believe me.

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