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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Second Grade Week 42 in Review

We are DONE!!!!!  Second grade is OVER!  Do I sound excited?  Yes, yes, I’m super excited.  Caleb is, too.  Here’s how our last week went:
English – We discussed run-on sentences, and Caleb took his final test.
Vocabulary – We finished up our last lesson, and Caleb took his final tests.  He scored 100% and 92%.
Reading – This week Caleb read Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift adapted by Nick Eliopulos (this is the Easy Read Chapter book version…not the original novel).
Math – Caleb finished up his lesson on multiple-digit column addition. 
We are taking off the rest of May, but we do have 3 more days to get on the 180-day paperwork.  Those will be covered with field trips, park day, etc.  3rd grade will commence on June 6th.  I will also start implementing some preschool lessons with Micah at that time, too, so wish me luck.  I’m sure I may change my mind where Micah is concerned if it proves to be too much.  Only time will tell…
Happy schooling to everyone!  If you’re done, ENJOY YOUR BREAK!


Boy Crazy said...

Good job, mama! We still have a ways to go to end of our year!

Lin said...

Yea!! Do the kids get all happy when you are done with home school like they do other school? I love when school is done for summer and you can just sleep in late and do whatever. Yeah, Summer!

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