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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Winter Vacation Part Two

***Disclaimer:  Again, this post may get long.  So, just bare with me or skip to the pictures.  I’ll never know!***
On Tuesday, we were waiting for Brian’s friend and his family to join us.  So, Brian headed into town to get Jenny’s tire checked out (her tire pressure light had come on) and to meet his friend.  Once they got to the cabin, we got them all unloaded and headed out to grab a bite to eat.  It turns out that while we were there, we hardly ever had lunch before 2pm.  So, our plans of cooking supper went south quick.  We basically turned into a bunch of snackers all week.  LOL!  Anyway, after we had lunch, we decided to take the kids sledding.  The local Chamber of Commerce keeps a hill next to them ready with snow during the winter months, and kids 12 and under can sled for free.  Well, we saw everyone sledding on another hill that even had a NO SLEDDING sign.  So, being the people we are, we joined in the fun.  I only went down once with Caleb.  It was Micah’s naptime, and quite frankly way too darn cold for me Micah.  Besides, the one time I did go down with Caleb we ended up doing several 360s and finally stopped when we crashed into another person (a child…I felt so awful, but she totally understood).  So, Micah and I headed to the car for his nap, and I was able to snap some pictures from the warmth of the vehicle. 

Most of our crew waiting to sled.IMG_4903 Micah and Brian…I made sure to have him all bundled up.IMG_4906 Caleb and I on our sledding adventure…we were going backwards at this point.IMG_4907 The very visual “NO SLEDDING” sign…no one saw it I don’t think…LOL!IMG_4908 Jenny coming up from a run.IMG_4910 Brian with the “No Sledding” sign.IMG_4925 Brian and Caleb getting ready to head down the hill.IMG_4929 There they go…IMG_4930 Looks like the run is almost over.IMG_4931Brian headed down with the kiddos.IMG_4935 Caleb and his friend going down…looks like they are about to hit the tree.  They threw caution to the wind and almost had numerous accidents.IMG_4939 Caleb hitching a ride up the hill.IMG_4941 Do you think he’s cold or having fun?  I’d say a little bit of both.IMG_4942 Jenny with the sign.IMG_4945 The view while sledding.IMG_4947
That evening we hung out at the cabin and played some games.  The men played pool and taught the kiddos how to play.  There was some Wii playing and Darts as well.  The ladies enjoyed a few games of Mexican Train Dominoes.  If you’ve never played it, you really should.  It is so much fun, and it’s only better with a little help from this little machine:
Wednesday, we got up and headed to Ski Beech for some ice skating.  We knew it was an outdoor rink; however, we didn’t know we wouldn’t have access to the handrails.  You see, that ice storm that came through on Christmas Eve…well, they didn’t clear any of it away near the handrails.  This did not make for good skating in my mind.  Nonetheless, I donned my skates along with everyone else (minus the two men and Micah), and we were off.  Well, it was NOT fun.  I made it around once nearly falling and then finally landing on the ice bank, and I was DONE!  So, I went inside, and Brian asked them to let him finish out my rental time.  They obliged, and he got to enjoy the fun.  LOL!  Now, I don’t have any pictures of me skating, but I DID DO IT!  Jenny has a picture on her camera if I have to prove it!  After we were done skating, Jenny headed off to ski (no one else felt like chancing it with all the recent ice).  The rest of us scooted into town for lunch and to blow some time until picking Jenny back up.  While we were out in town, we got word that another ice storm was headed our way.  GREAT!  Just what we need.  That evening we just chilled indulged in adult beverages and played games.
Brian and Caleb skating.IMG_4950Do you see the handrail there amongst all that ice?  Now you know why I couldn’t reach it and feel secure!IMG_4956Oops…looks like Caleb fell.IMG_4963Caleb had his own little style.  But – it worked for him.IMG_4965 Again, look at all that ice…that’s a TON of ice!IMG_4968 
Thursday we woke up and saw that the predicted ice storm wasn’t that bad.  So, we opted to go find some shopping.  We headed towards Boone and Blowing Rock and landed at the Tanger Outlet.  After grabbing some lunch, we did a little window shopping.  Other than fudge and chocolates, Jenny was the only person to make any purchases.  That evening was filled with more games and a few adult beverages.  Being as it was New Year’s Eve, we thought we’d really use that machine pictured above, but nope!  We were all zonked and hardly made it till midnight.  We were so droopy eyed by the time the ball dropped in NYC!  So, we just called it a night and headed to bed!
I will share Friday and Saturday with you another time.  So, stay tuned!


Semi-Slacker Mom said...

We were there NYE 1999-2000 & they did great fireworks over the slopes & we watched from our deck. That was BK (before kids) so we were totally wasted.

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