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Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Part Two

After breakfast, we let the boys get into their wrapped gifts.  Caleb enjoyed every second of it.  Micah just wanted to be done with it all.  Fortunately for him, he only had two gifts to unwrap.  I felt bad though because his gift count was a lot smaller than Caleb’s, but he’ll never remember (well, until he reads this…LOL). 

Caleb with all of his wrapped gifts…it’s easy to tell which ones Brian wrapped.  He uses lots of ribbons and bows.IMG_4824 Micah tearing into one of his gifts.IMG_4826 Oh, a new camera…it’s not real mom!IMG_4829Caleb with one of his animal habitat coloring books.IMG_4831Micah getting into another gift.IMG_4833 YEAH!  Another Yo Gabba Gabba DVD!  And – if you haven’t guessed, someone will probably be having a Yo Gabba Gabba birthday party in March!  :)IMG_4838 Caleb with a pair of bug goggles.IMG_4839 Caleb with his woodworking kit.IMG_4845Micah got a Yo Gabba Gabba CD with his DVD…SCORE!IMG_4846 Caleb trying to get into one of daddy’s wrapping creations.IMG_4847Ugghhh…still trying to get this thing unwrapped.IMG_4848
After we were done with opening the gifts, we all got ready to go over to my parent’s house for lunch.  Before lunch, everyone got to open their gifts.  The boys had fun, and they got some great gifts.  However, Micah was only concerned with ONE gift.  I’m sure you’ll figure out which one by the look of the pictures!
Caleb getting into one of his gifts.IMG_4852  Oh…what is THIS?!!!?IMG_4854 YEAH!  A Yo Gabba Gabba Boombox!  Honestly, we’re all quite sick of the show, but oh well…the things we will do to appease those little ones!IMG_4855 This is Caleb’s new workbench.  Uncle David (my brother) built it for him, and he did a wonderful job.  Caleb can use this for many years to come.IMG_4857There’s Micah…and what is in his hands???IMG_4860 
After lunch, we headed back home to rest.  Once we were all rested, it was time to pack everything we needed for our winter vacation to Beech Mountain, NC.  I’ll save that post for another day!
So, there you have it…Christmas 2009 at the Childress Household!  I hope you all had a blessed holiday season, and I hope you rung in the New Year with style!  Here’s wishing you all lots of love, joy, peace, wealth, and health in 2010!


Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I can't wait to hear about your trip! Sorry I didn't get a chance to talk to you about it! Too busy.
I hope y'all had fun!

Working Mommy said...

It sure does look like the boys had a great time - and made out like bandits with the gifts!!!


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