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Thursday, January 7, 2010

First Grade Week 28 in Review

Wow!  Can you believe it?  We’re all caught up in our schooling, and we finished this week on time as well!  It is such an AWESOME feeling to know that we are back on track.  Now, here’s hoping we can stay that way until the end of the year!  fingerscrossed
With that said, here’s how this week went:
Heritage Studies:  We started a new chapter and we discussed goods from the New World and young Robert La Salle.
Science:  Again, we started a new chapter on Wild Animals.  This is GREAT for Caleb since he’s such the animal lover.  We talked about wild animals, wild animals in the woods, and wild animals in the zoo.
Math:  We finished up another chapter by discussing subtracting money and having a test.
Bible:  We just read some stories in Caleb’s new Bible this week.  I didn’t get around to ordering our curriculum for the winter until this week.  We’ll be back with this next week.
Vocabulary:  We added “level, funnel, lean, object, and reflect” to our list of vocabulary terms.
Phonics & English:  We discussed the hard and soft sounds for “c and g”.  We added “-ow, –own, –our, –ouse, –out, and –ound” to our list of word families.  We added “special, ear, answer, and four” to our list of service words.  In English, we discussed synonyms, antonyms, prepositions, and compound words.
So, we’re back in our normal homeschooling groove, and let’s all hope it stays that way.  Join us next week to see what all we’ve tackled.  I hope all my favorite homeschoolers are back in the swing of things as well!  Let me know how your week back started!


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