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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Budding Architect and Other Stuff…

I put a picture here of Caleb’s workbench that my brother built him for Christmas.  Well, he got a woodworking kit from some of Santa’s Elves.  This past weekend, he and Brian got started on some of the projects.  It turns out that Caleb did everything himself.  Brian just had to sit back and supervise.  Caleb enjoyed himself, and he’s already thinking of other things he can build.

Creation #1 – Bird FeederIMG_5053 Creation #2 – this was supposed to be a pencil box, but it got turned into a bird feeder as well.IMG_5058 Our Budding Architect (and don’t mind the hole and the drawing on the wall there…you see, Mr. Architect is also Mr. Destructo…LOL!).IMG_5059
Last year, Caleb was involved with the Littles’ Club with our local homeschool group.  They follow the handbook from Keepers of the Faith and work on badges each month.  Well, this year, I am leading the club.  We had our January meeting this past Friday, and we worked on a Money Sense badge.  The boys (and girls) had to learn about money, and we made banks to help them allot their money.  They made 4 banks to include:  Tithe, Others, Save, and Spend.  So, I told them that when they get the money, they need to TOSS it.  It was a simple way for them to remember the 4 allotments, and it’ll be fun to see how Caleb does with this.  He’s already sorted all his money, and we took him to Toys ‘R Us on Saturday so he could spend some.  We’ll continue to watch his progress with this.
We used Crystal Light Containers and covered them with construction paper.  They then used foam stickers and crayons to decorate them.IMG_5054
And how could I post this without including a picture (or two) of Mr. Micah?!!?  He is so grown these days.  We were eating spaghetti leftovers the other night, and he wanted to sit in the bar stool like a big boy and eat his noodles.  He usually sits in a booster seat in the bar stool, but nope…he wanted to be BIG like his brother. 
Micah sitting like a big boy eating spaghetti.IMG_5060 It’s almost all gone Mommy!IMG_5062
In other news, our HVAC unit decided to give us some issues this weekend.  Great timing, huh?!!?  We noticed it was louder than usual on Friday evening, and our vents were hissing.  So, yesterday morning, Brian called the A/C people, and they came out to investigate.  Once they figured out what was wrong, they took the part that needed to be replaced back to their shop in hopes to find a replacement.  Brian gets a call around 3:30pm yesterday afternoon informing him that they didn’t have the part.  So, we are currently without heat.  Brian had to go pick up some space heaters, and we are surviving with those.  The part is supposedly going to be in between 11-1 today.  I sure hope so, because it’s cold down here in Georgia!  Granted, I’m thankful we have power to use the space heaters, but I want my heat back! 


Laura said...

Your Keepers of the Faith groups sounds similar to the Awana's group that Alise attends at our church on Sunday nights.

Stay warm! I know that sounds easier than done!!

Together We Save said...

Great bird feeder... looks like he had fun. I love your table and chairs BTW. I know the pictures is of your son and he is a cutie but I just had to share.

Sawatzky family said...

Love the Crystal Light banks!
So creative....I think we will try that here as well :)
Great Christmas post to...it makes me fell better about my massive christmas post lol!

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