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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

First Grade Week 20 in Review

You’re probably wondering how we did week 20, when we just finished week 19?!!?  Well, it’s a little thing I like to call “doubling up".  We do two day’s assignments in just one day.  And – since this has been a rainy and dreary few days, we’ve been doing just that.  So, here’s how week 20 panned out…
Heritage Studies:  We discussed making towns and cities.
Science:  We finished up our Lizards lapbook.  We discussed the komodo dragon, jaragua lizard, basilisk lizard, lizard senses, where to find lizards, and shedding.  I’ll post pictures as soon as I get it all put together.
Math:  This week we started a subtraction chapter.  We talked about counting back 1 or 2, subtracting 0, subtracting all/nearly all, comparing to subtract, and doubles.
Bible:  We continued to review John 14:21, and our Bible story was on “God Protected Abraham’s Family.”
Vocabulary:  We added “reverse, exhibit, misty, tropical, and surface” to our list of vocabulary terms.
Phonics & English:  This week we added “-oat, –oe, –oast, –ow, and –own” to our list of word families.  We added “front” to our list of service words.  In English skills, we discussed compound words and complete sentences.  Caleb learned more about the naming and telling parts of sentences.
Extra Stuff:  Caleb enjoyed a time of skating with other homeschoolers last Friday.  He always enjoys going skating, and he’s improving his skills each time we go.  I, however, am fine just watching Micah play in the play area.  smile_wink
As always, thank you for joining us each week to find out what we’ve been learning.  I look forward to sharing more next time.


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