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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Bunch of Random Stuff…

You know…I could probably make 4-5 posts out of all of these pictures.  But we all know that I don’t have time for that.  So, this is what you get.  LOL!  It will still serve the purpose!  So, enjoy the randomness…it’s what we’re about these days. 
Micah loves him some soup.  In fact, the boy is so grown that he will dip his crackers in the soup.  Here he is enjoying some veggie soup!  Look at that face…I don’t think he likes it.  What do you think?
 IMG_4424IMG_4422   IMG_4425
I’ve mentioned before that I’m teaching an Eric Carle Carnival class at co-op.  Well, we’ve been doing lots and lots of crafts.  Here’s a clay pot ladybug that we made the other week after we read The Grouchy Ladybug
The other week we went and visited Lane’s Southern Orchard with the homeschool co-op group.  We were able to enjoy the corn maze and a hayride.  Let me just say…this was my first venture into a corn maze, and I really didn’t care for it.  Let me tell ya why…I was pulling Micah in a wagon, and it well…it was a bit too muddy.  And – I really didn’t like the fact that I couldn’t find my way out fast enough.  So, it was just not fun for me.  Maybe I’m a little claustrophobic…who knows?!!?  Anyway, enjoy the pictures!

Micah and Avonlea enjoying some time in the wagon while we wait on the festivities to begin.IMG_4452Caleb just being a boy while we wait for everything to start.IMG_4453
Micah playing with my Blackberry during the informative talk about corn…he had no interest in listening to the lady speak.  IMG_4456
Caleb posing before we entered the corn maze…the sun was in his eyes.IMG_4458 Micah is ready to go…he’s got my keys and my Blackberry.  LOL…a boy after my own heart!IMG_4462 Caleb holding our flag (we had the flag to wave in case we got lost.  We could also text for help clues  using our cell phones).IMG_4463Micah on the hayride…this was his first ever hayride I think.  He seemed to enjoy it!IMG_4466Caleb on the hayride…he had fun goofing off with his buddies.IMG_4467
Okay, I think that’s all the randomness I have for ya tonight.  I’m sure I’ll find more at a later date, so stay tuned!  smile_teeth


Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Baby Girl loves soup too. The ladybug is too cute. And I wasn't a big fan of the corn maze either.

Sherri @ Luv a Bargain said...

Great pictures! We got lost in our crazy corn maze. It took us almost an hour to get out:)

Mighty M said...

Randomness is good! I like the "I got lost at" sign. When we went to our corn maze it was way to muddy to go through!

Laura said...

OMGoodness! Micah is getting so big! Loved seeing the Fall adventure!

blueviolet said...

Look at him go with that soup! Awesome!

You've been having fun and I do love your ladybug craft!

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