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Monday, November 16, 2009

African Animals and Lizards Lapbook

Nope…these two subjects have NOTHING to do with one another.  I’m just trying to save time by combining two posts into one.  I seem to be making that a habit lately.  Hmmm…wonder if it could be because I feel like I’m absolutely swamped and have no free time?!!?  Are the holidays over yet?  Oh…sorry, they haven’t even started have they?  Geez…oh well.  No time to rest, then!
Anyway, Brian and Caleb spent some time on Saturday painting some African animals.  These animals were bought back in August when we visited our friends, The Neil Family.  Yep…it’s taken us that long to sit down to paint them.  Oh well, it was still fun and worth the wait.  But – the company needs to do a better job of providing ample paint.  There are two completed animals, one half-painted animal, and one albino animal (meaning the paint ran out). 

Here are two of my favorite boys painting.IMG_4479 Caleb’s just too focused…look at the tongue.  What is it about the tongue?  Why does it have to be out when you’re concentrating?  LOL!IMG_4481
For the past two weeks, Caleb has been working on a Lizards Lapbook.  He thoroughly enjoyed himself, and I think he even learned a bit.  We always enjoy taking a break from our normal science curriculum, to do some “hands-on” fun with lapbooking.  Here are the pictures from this latest project…Enjoy!
This is the cover.IMG_4486 This is the inside.IMG_4488 This is the inside of the Lizard Classification component.IMG_4491This is the inside of the Lizard Senses booklet.IMG_4494 IMG_4495
This is the inside of the There be Dragons component.IMG_4498 IMG_4500
This is the inside of the Long Live Lizards and Defenses book.IMG_4501 IMG_4502
This is the Reptile Relatives booklet.IMG_4505 This is the Where Do Lizards Live component.IMG_4507
This is the inside of the A Lizard is a…component.IMG_4509IMG_4510 
So, that’s a little bit of what’s been going on at the Childress household.  The next lapbook we do will cover some Christmas topics, so look for that one coming before the holidays are over!


blueviolet said...

You've been working on some really fun projects. I would agree that paint in kits in never given in the proper amounts!

My son did the tongue too!

Jenny said...

This is why I DON'T homeschool- I could never do all this! You have to be so dedicated and creative to be "in charge" of these fabulous projects!!

Sawatzky family said...

I am so excited to read this post. I was just doing some research on lapbooking! Thanks so much for sharing yours in such detail :)

Mighty M said...

Love all these home school projects you do! Can't wait to see the Christmas ones!!

kanishk said...

You have to be so dedicated and creative to be "in charge" of these fabulous projects!!

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