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Monday, November 9, 2009

First Grade Week 19 in Review

Well, another week is complete.  We’re trying to double up on some days, so that’s helping us get caught up just a bit.  Here’s how week 19 went for us.
Heritage Studies:  We discussed foods that the Indians gave us, and then we read about the First Thanksgiving.
Science:  We started a new lapbook on Lizards.  This week we learned some new vocabulary words, about reptiles, relatives of the lizard, methods of defenese, and their classification.  Caleb is just soaking it all up and loving every minute of it.
Math:  We finished up our chapter by discussing fair shares, probability, and tally marks. 
Bible:  Our Bible verse for the week was John 14:21.  Our story was on “God Called Abraham.”
Vocabulary:  We added “meet, cranky, train, injured, and hatch” to our list of vocabulary terms.
Phonics & English:  This week we added “Christ and children” to our list of service words.  We added “-y, –igh, and –ight” to our list of word families.
Art:  This week Caleb painted a picture of various fruits and vegetables.  He continues to do a great job.  I, however, have no clue what to do with all these paintings.  ?????
Extra Stuff:  We enjoyed a visit to Lane’s Southern Orchard to visit their corn maze and have a hayride.  I’ll post pictures on a separate post.  Caleb had fun at co-op.  I, however, had to miss due to a fever.  I’m not sure why I had a fever, but I did nonetheless, so I had to be absent.  I missed being able to teach the little ones and interact with everyone.  But – here’s hoping this week is a different story.
As always, thanks for following our adventures in first grade!  We look forward to sharing more next time.  So, tune in!


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