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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Homeschool Week 4 In Review

Well, we finally finished our 4th week of homeschooling. I'm telling you...there have been so many interruptions that we are behind schedule. But -- we will catch up. That's the joy of the flexibility that homeschool provides. Anyway, here's how our 4th week panned out:

Beginnings: We learned about postal carriers and the post office. The letters "h" and "w" were reviewed. We added the new words "hit" and "win" to our word families. We also added "mother" and "the" to our list of service words. Caleb also learned how to change a word by adding the "s" sound to the end (ex. hit becomes "hits"). He read a new book called Blue or Green which reinforced all of the words he's learned thus far. He continues to do a wonderful job with reading and phonics.

Math: He reviewed all the concepts he's learned thus far.

Music: He learned about "forte" and that it means loud.

Art: We continued studying secondary colors by reading Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo Lionni. He then created his own artwork using yellow and blue to make green.

Bible: Caleb had to recite the First Catechism questions 1-5. His new memory verse for the week was Psalm 19:1. We also studied about Ishmael and Isaac.

Extra stuff: Caleb attended Ooey Gooey Science Camp. He learned about bugs, germs, eggs, and slime. He came home with nightcrawlers, which we later fed to the birds. They also sent home some slime, but we quickly threw it away because they informed us that it would carry bacteria, and we'd have to keep it in the fridge. Just what I need in the house...more bacteria...I think not. He had fun at camp, and he's looking forward to pirate camp which starts next week.


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