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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Doctor visits

Micah and Caleb both had doctor visits today. It was time for Micah's 4 month check-up, and Caleb had his 5 year check-up. They both checked out super healthy and did really well. Here's how they did for weight/height: Micah weighs 16lbs, 14oz and is 25 inches long. Caleb weighs 54lbs, and is 44 inches tall. So, we've got some healthy boys for sure. Unfortunately, Micah had to get 3 shots, but he was still a trooper. Caleb was due for another chicken pox booster, but I chose to postpone it for a while. I just don't want to take the chance of Caleb having a pox reaction and then Micah getting it. That would not be fun. So, Caleb will probaby just get his 2nd dose once Micah gets his 1st dose at a year. We shall see... Micah's Zantac dosage was also increased due to his weight increase. We knew it had to be changed because he's been having some fussy issues due to his reflux. Hopefully the new dosage will put him back to normal.

Other news...Micah is officially getting his first tooth. Brian and I noticed it coming through this morning. It's his front/bottom tooth. So, that could surely explain why he's been a bit fussier. He's still doing really well with the baby food, too. He's tried cereal (rice, oatmeal, mixed), sweet potatoes, green beans (he does NOT like them), peas, and squash. He usually just gobbles it up. So, all is well.


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