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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday Caleb

Today was Caleb's 5th birthday. It's kinda hard to believe that it's been 5 years already since he first entered this world. We had a little party with family and friends for him, and he had a good time. He opened up gifts (Lincoln Logs, Wok 'n Roll Game, slip 'n slide, books, pajamas, drawing books, color pencils, fishing rods, tackle box, bicycle, keyboard, etc), and then the kiddos played on the slip 'n slide. They had a blast. After that, everyone came in to have cake and ice cream. Since he's been on a fishing kick here lately, his cake had a fishing theme. Everyone had a good time, and Caleb can't wait to use his new fishing rods.

Caleb opens up his new Lincoln Logs.

Caleb opens up his fishing rods...this is what he wanted most.

Caleb opens up his new tackle box.

Caleb on his new bicycle.

Caleb on the slip 'n slide.

Tina on the slip 'n slide.

Hunter on the slip 'n slide.

Caleb blowing out the candles.

The kiddos patiently waiting for their cake and ice cream.

In goes the cake...

In goes more cake...Caleb on his new bicycle (no, it's not stationary...Brian had to fix the training wheels)


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