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Monday, June 6, 2016

2016-17 Homeschool Curriculum Choices

Even though we have two months off for summer vacation, no time was wasted in making plans for our next homeschool year.  Caleb will be entering 8th grade, and Micah will be entering 3rd grade.  Here are the curriculum choices for the upcoming school year.

Caleb, Eighth Grade
Bible --
Wise Up!  Wisdom in Proverbs
Grammar -- Easy Grammar Ultimate Grade 8
Writing -- Write with the Best; Writing Frames
Literature -- Abeka Grade 8
Math -- Math U See Pre-algebra
History -- Notgrass America the Beautiful
Science -- Master Books Intro to Oceanography and Ecology
Vocabulary -- Vocabulary Cartoons

Micah, Third GradeBible -- Growing with God
English -- Time4Learning
Math -- Time4Learning
Science -- Time4Learning
Social Studies -- Time4Learning
Spelling -- Spelling Classroom Grade 3
Writing -- WriteShop Primary Books B and C
Handwriting -- BJU Grade 3
Reading --reading books of different genres and completing quizzes on Book Adventure

Caleb's new materials will be Bible (which I'm super excited about...using the book of Proverbs to gain wisdom for everyday life), Grammar, Writing, Literature, Math (familiar but we stepped away from MUS a few years back), and Science.  He used the same History and Vocabulary last year.  I'm trying to prep him for high school, so he knows what to expect and isn't shocked or taken aback by the work load he'll be responsible for as he goes up in grade.

Micah is using all familiar curriculum next year.  We are playing math by ear because he doesn't enjoy the animated, cartoonish aspect of Time4Learning; however, I like that it's thorough and easy to navigate for both of us.  I've looked into other computer math programs, which is his preferred style of learning, but none really struck my fancy.  I've assured him that should T4L become 'too babyish', that we'll try to find something comparable.  So, if any of you homeschool moms out there reading this have any suggestions, please send them my way.  It would be greatly appreciated!


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