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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Trim Healthy Mama Week 6 in Review

Wow, 6 weeks of eating the Trim Healthy Mama (THM) way...I didn't know if I'd keep up with it when I first started.  But -- I'm glad I have.  I'll admit, there are days when I think about eating off plan and just saying "whatever," but I really try not to do that.  Have I cheated?  Yes, I have.  But -- have I done anything I regretted while eating off plan?  No, not really because I haven't gorged on any off plan foods.  I may have snuck a French fry or two, or I may have eaten a slice of bread at a restaurant...but it's nothing compared to the way I ate prior to starting THM.  Plus, with THM, there's a saying..."you can always start again in three hours."  So, if you ever find yourself eating off plan, just remind yourself of that.  That's what make this so do-able...it's something you really can maintain for life and not feel deprived or cheated.

So, what did I eat during week 6...

Week 6 Meals
Day One
Breakfast -- 1 blueberry muffin; 2 fried eggs; 3 pieces of bacon (S)
Lunch -- 2 sourdough wasa crackers smeared with cream cheese and Polaner spread; 000 yogurt with 1/2 a mango (E)
Snack -- 000 peach yogurt with 1/4 cup pecans (S)
Supper -- grilled chicken sausage; grilled zucchini and squash (S)
Snack/Dessert -- strawberries, chopped up Lily's chocolate, splash of heavy cream (S)

Day Two
Breakfast -- 1 blueberry muffin; 4 sausage balls; 1 fried egg (S)
Lunch -- leftover grilled chicken sausage; salad (S)
Snack -- 000 yogurt w/seedless orange (E)
Supper -- Chili's chicken fajitas served over lettuce with sour cream, cheese, and guacamole (S)
Snack/Dessert -- same as Day One (S)

Day Three
Breakfast -- same as Day Two (S)
Lunch -- 1 can Progresso Light Chicken Noodle soup; 1 sourdough wasa cracker; 000 yogurt with an apple (E)
Snack -- 000 yogurt with 1/4 cup pecans (S)
Supper -- grilled salmon burger smeared with mayo; salad (S)

Day Four
Breakfast -- same as Day Two (S)
Lunch -- 2 sourdough wasa crackers; 1 laughing cow cheese wedge; 3 pieces turkey; cucumber; 1/4 cup 000 yogurt with an apple (E)
Snack -- Lily's chocolate with coffee (S)
Supper -- 2 fried eggs over spinach with mushrooms and bacon (S)

Day Five 
Breakfast -- 3 THM pancakes smeared with cream cheese and Polaner spread; 1/4 cup 000 yogurt w/an apple (E)
Lunch -- 1 can Progresso Light Beef Pot Roast soup; 1 sourdough wasa cracker; apple (E)
Snack -- 2 banana muffins w/coffee (E)
Supper -- Pizza casserole with salad (S)

Day Six
Breakfast -- 3 THM pancakes smeared with cream cheese and Polaner spread; apple (E)
Lunch -- leftover pizza casserole with salad (S)
Snack -- lemon cupcake with coffee (S)
Supper -- low carb tortilla quesadilla filled with taco meat, 1 tbsp black beans, and cheese topped with lettuce and 1 tbsp light sour cream (S)

Day Seven
Breakfast -- 3 THM pancakes (E)
Lunch -- Olive Garden's chicken alfredo served over steamed broccoli w/small salad (S)
Snack -- 000 peach yogurt w/1 tbsp chopped pecans (FP)
Supper -- 9 tbsp liquid egg whites (equivalent of 3 egg whites), mushrooms, onions, spinach, and 1 laughing cow white cheddar wedge scrambled and stuffed inside a Joseph's pita (FP)
Snack/Dessert -- luscious lemon cake (I just used egg whites) with macerated strawberries (FP)

Number of Each Meal Type
S -- 19
E -- 9
FP -- 2

Now, for the results on the scale...
Week 1 loss:  5.2 lbs
Week 2 loss:  1.6 lbs
Week 3 loss:  0.4 lbs
Week 4 loss:  1.6 lbs
Week 5 loss:  1.6 lbs
Week 6 loss:  1 lb
Total weight loss so far:  11.4 lbs

I've mentioned over and over about how it really isn't just about the scale.  I'll be the first to tell you that I DO love seeing the number on the scale go down.  But -- it's more about how you feel.  I've lost more inches, I know, but I won't report on that until the end of week 8.  So, just because you don't like the number on the scale, don't feel like it's time to throw in the towel and give up.  Keep at it and know that you're doing more than just losing pounds.  You are working at a healthier YOU, and that's what really matters.  

As always, if you want to learn more about Trim Healthy Mama, I'd love it if you clicked through my affiliate link.  It doesn't affect you at all, but it does give me a small kickback for sharing THM with you.  Feel free to comment with any questions, ask for recipes, or anything else.  I love to hear how other THMers are doing.  


Anonymous said...

You are doing FANTASTIC, Sherrie!! Great job and you are so very well organized. :)

Sherrie said...

Cheryl -- thanks so much for the encouragement! It really helps along this journey. I just hope that my posts are helping others as much as I've benefited from them.

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