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Friday, May 29, 2015

My Favorite 'S' THM meals

I know I haven't been on THM long enough to have a whole list of favorites yet, but I thought I'd share a few favorite 'S' meals.  If you're not familiar with Trim Healthy Mama (THM), S stands for Satisfying.  These are meals that are high in fat and low in carbs.  In my opinion, these are easier for me because they're more in line with the way I cooked/ate prior to THM anyway.  There's not much thinking involved as long as you remember to limit your carbs to 10g.

Here are a few favorites:

S Breakfasts:
Eggs (cooked any way) with bacon or THM sausage balls
S muffins with eggs and bacon
Egg scrambles (eggs and veggies of choice)
Egg muffins (recipe found in the THM book)

S Lunches/Suppers:
Taco salad (just don't eat the shell unless you use an on-plan low-carb tortilla)
Beef/cheese quesadilla (sometimes I add 1 tbsp black beans) using an on-plan low-carb tortilla
Spaghetti over Dreamfields pasta (cooked as directed and using 3/4-1 cup cooked pasta) with salad
Grilled meats (chicken sausage, Wild Alaskan Salmon Burger) with salad or grilled veggies
Bunless hamburger with salad
Chicken salad served inside a Joseph's pita with veggies dipped in Ranch dressing
Pizza on a Joseph's Lavash
Deli meat smeared with cream cheese and wrapped up with peppers and cucumbers
Fried eggs over a bed of spinach with sauteed mushrooms and bacon **can be breakfast**
Fried eggs served over 1/2 an avocado with bacon **can be breakfast**
Pizza casserole (from the THM book) with salad
S smoothie (Greek yogurt, almond milk, frozen berries, 1/2 scoop THM protein powder, cream cheese, dash of sweet blend) **can be breakfast or snack/dessert**

S Snacks/Desserts:
000 yogurt with 1/4 cup chopped pecans
Luscious lemon cake with macerated strawberries
10 squares of Lily's chocolates
Sliced strawberries, chopped up Lily's chocolates, splash of heavy cream

S Restaurant Choices***:
Outback -- Alice Springs Chicken with steamed broccoli
Longhorn's -- Parmesan crusted chicken with green beans and broccoli (I usually choose the lighter option and I bring home 2/3 of the chicken to get 2 extra meals at home)
Chili's -- Grilled chicken fajitas (without the tortillas) served over lettuce with sour cream, cheese, and guacamole
Olive Garden -- Chicken alfredo served over steamed broccoli (instead of the pasta)
***We typically eat out 1-2 times a week, sometimes less.  My husband works an hour away from home, and it's easier to just meet at a restaurant if I've been busy carting our boys around to activities.  I also want a break from cooking sometimes.***

I hope this helps some of you THMers out.  I know it can seem overwhelming at first, but hang in there...it does get easier.  I think the key is building up a repertoire of favorites that are easy and delicious.

What are some of your S favorites?  Please share your ideas as well.


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