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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Weeks 17 and 18 of Learning 2014-15

Well, it’s been a bit since I’ve updated our schooling.  We finished up our necessary schooling on Saturday…just in time to have a week off for Christmas.  Here’s how the past two weeks went...
Micah, First Grade
Bible — Micah’s lessons were on Catechism questions 1-10, and we read Isaiah 40:28 and 2 Samuel 7:22 to accompany his lessons.

LLATL —Micah worked on the sight words “good, they, like, night, jump, up, down.”  He also worked on the numbers 0-9, compound words, plurals, and sequencing.  He read another book for his program as well.  We also read The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats.
IMG 1709
Math — This week Micah worked on counting backward by 2’s; reading a number line with a scale of 1’s with 10’s labeled; need for standard units of measure; counting by 2’s to 24; reading odd numbers on a number line; identifying 1/2 of a group; reading number words; and counting dimes and nickels.
History — This week Micah learned about “Christ Builds His Church."
Science — This week Micah learned about arachnids, crustaceans, myriapods, mollusks, cnidarians, echinoderms, sponges, and worms.
Caleb, Sixth Grade
Bible —
Caleb’s lessons was on Israel’s Idolatry, and we read Exodus 32-34 to accompany his lesson.
Math — Caleb worked on long division; long division with remainders; zeros in the quotient; dividing by two digits; multiplying with three or more digits; hours, minutes, and seconds; longer periods of time; and do I multiply or divide.
Reading — Caleb finished reading Little Pear by Eleanor Francis Lattimore.  He also completed a comprehension and vocabulary quiz over the story.
Geography — This week Caleb learned facts about our great state of Florida.  We are taking the time to spend more time on Florida and learn as much as we can.  This week his lesson focused on some of Florida’s geographical features.
IMG 1703
IMG 1704
IMG 1705
IMG 1707
IMG 1708
IMG 1710
Writing — Caleb had to complete his writing assignment which was a final poem on the parts of speech he’s learned thus far.  We then spent some time playing review games.
IMG 1702
Science — Caleb read the same information as Micah.
I’m glad to have a week off from lessons, and I’m sure the boys share my feelings.


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