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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Week 16 of Learning 2014-15

We actually finished up week 16 over the weekend, but I'm just now getting around to posting our review.  Here's what we worked on...

Micah, First Grade
Bible --
This week Micah's lesson was on "My Bible Teaches Me Honesty," and we read Acts 5:1-11 to accompany his lesson.

LLATL -- This week Micah read another book for his program.

Math -- This week Micah worked on understanding dozen, reading and writing time to 5 minutes past the hour, reading number lines with only 2's labeled, and measuring with cubits.

History -- This week Micah's began learning about "Christ builds His church."

Science -- This week Micah learned about invertebrates, arthropods, insects, and insect metamorphosis.

Caleb, Sixth Grade
Bible --
This week Caleb's lesson was on "Giving of the Law," and we read Exodus 19-20 to accompany his lesson.

Math -- This week Caleb worked on more on division; long multiplication; and multiplying with two-digits

Reading -- This week Caleb began reading Little Pear by Eleanor Frances Lattimore.  He read chapters 1-4 and completed vocabulary and comprehension activities related to each chapter.

Geography -- This was a study and test week for Caleb.

Writing -- Caleb continued to learn about commands this week.

Science -- Caleb read the same information as Micah.

We've actually had a few days off because Brian had two vacation days that he had to use or lose.  So, we are enjoying a staycation...we're enjoying time playing games and just being together.  We have two more weeks of lessons, and then we'll take our Christmas break.


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