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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Week Seven of Learning 2014-15

Another week of homeschool adventures has come to a close.  Here’s what we were up to…
Micah, First Grade Bible – Micah’s Bible lesson was on “my prayer of supplication,” and we read Judges 6:11-12; 7:2-22 to accompany his lesson.
LLATL – This week Micah continued to work on the letters ‘m, h, o’, and the sight words ‘has, with.’  He also continued to work on reading aloud, story recall, and verbs.  He read his third book for the program.

Math – This week Micah worked on counting by 5s, choosing the correct operation in story problems, related subtraction facts, and subtracting 0.
History – This week we continued to learn about God’s Great Story.
Science – This week Micah read about flower dissection, fruits, and annuals/biennials/perennials.
Caleb, Sixth Grade Bible – This week Caleb’s lesson was on ‘the sacrifice of Isaac,’ and he read Genesis 22:1-19, 24 to accompany the lesson.
Math – This week Caleb worked on converting an improper fraction to a mixed number; division word problems with a remainder; adding mixed numbers with the same denominator; and subtracting mixed numbers with the same denominator.
Reading – Caleb continued reading Brian’s Return by Gary Paulsen.  He read chapters 12-18 and completed vocabulary and comprehension activities for each chapter.
Geography – This week Caleb learned facts on New York and North Carolina.
Writing – Caleb’s lesson this week focused on homonyms.
Science – Caleb read the same information as Micah; however, he also read about roses.
I’ll admit…there were several days we just didn’t school this week.  It worked out okay though because we were able to utilize today since Brian is working.  I think I just hit a rut and needed a small break.  The fact that we were out of the house Friday and Saturday mornings didn’t help, but we are still on schedule…and that’s what matters.  Smile


Lin said...

Working hard! Do kids learn cursive writing anymore?? We had that big discussion the other day and I was curious.

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