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Monday, September 8, 2014

Menu Plan September 7-13, 2014

Well, I wish I had some sort of menu plan for this week.  However, with our fridge on the fritz, I just can’t figure out how to plan.  All of our food is now in the fridge/freezer in the garage (which I’m thoroughly grateful for that extra fridge/freezer at this time b/c otherwise I’d be one unhappy camper), so this makes meal time lots of fun and includes numerous trips back and forth to the garage just to get the food, prep it, put it back, etc. 
So, until I know what’s up with the fridge, and when I can expect it to be repaired, I’m just not up for planning.  This doesn’t mean we’ll be eating out…it just means I may not know from one minute to the next what I’m preparing.  LOL!  So, we’ll see how the week goes.  I do hope that everything is back to normal by the end of the week…fingers crossed with a repairman scheduled for this afternoon.
Stay tuned…


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