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Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 30 of Learning 2013-14

We finished up week 30 on Saturday, and here’s how it went…
Micah, Kindergarten Bible – Micah continues to work in his AWANAS book.
Phonics – This week Micah started a new phonics program.  I was given Alpha Phonics by a friend who no longer needed it, so I thought we’d use it.  Micah really seemed to enjoy it, and he was thrilled that he was ‘reading.’  Mommy is quite thrilled, too.  Smile  He also reviewed all of his sight words thus far.
Poetry – This week Micah’s poem was ‘Animal Crackers.’  We used the poem to discuss commas, periods, and uppercase letters.  I’ve discovered that Micah isn’t ‘thrilled’ when it comes to illustrating his poems.  This bothers me a bit, but we’ll continue to trudge forward with poetry because it’s great for an intro to basic grammar skills.

Math – This week Micah worked on addition and squares.  I’ll admit it…the more we use this math program, the less I really like it.  Sad smile  Oh well, we’ll continue using it until the year is over b/c it’s a very gentle introduction to math skills.
Caleb, Fifth Grade Math – This week Caleb worked on temperature; temperatures below zero; feet to inches; more unit conversions; and the metric system.  He’s almost finished with the 4th grade book, and we’ll move onto the 5th grade book.  YEAH!
English – Much to Caleb’s dismay, we picked back up with our English lessons this week.  It’s not one of his favorite subjects, but I feel it’s a VERY important one.  So, it’s part of the plan.  Smile  This week we worked on using the dictionary; adjectives; and descriptive adjectives.
We enjoyed some time at one of our favorite local parks to enjoy the nice, warm Florida sunshine.  We’ve LOVED living here, and we are really getting used to this weather.  Smile
I’ve made our plans for next year, and I’ll be back to share those soon.  I know many fellow homeschool moms are in the planning stages, or soon will be.  It’s great to see what others are using, so I like to share our yearly plans with the blogging world.  Smile


Lin said...

I think the illustrating disinterest is a "boy" thing--my son liked school work, but hated all the drawing and coloring that went with it. The girls would love it---sitting for hours drawing, coloring....

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