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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Week 26 of Learning 2013-14

We just finished up week 26 today.  I’m hoping we can knock out two weeks over the next week, so we’ll be closer to being all caught up.
Micah, Kindergarten Bible – Micah continues to work in his AWANAS book.
Phonics – This week Micah worked on the phonograms ‘-ar, –ark, –orn, –ore.’  His sight words were ‘here, help, make, yellow, two.’

Poetry – This week Micah’s poem was ‘I’m a Little Valentine.’  We used the poem to discuss commas, periods, and syllables.
Math – This week Micah worked on learning about the + and = signs. 
Caleb, Fifth Grade Bible – Caleb continues to work in his AWANAS book.
Math – This week Caleb worked on symmetry; more regrouping; other quadrilaterals; and congruent and similar figures.
History – This week Caleb learned about Christopher Columbus and other European Explorers.


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