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Friday, November 29, 2013

Week 17 of Learning 2013-14

We finished up week 17 this morning.  Here’s what we were up to…
Micah, Kindergarten
Bible – Micah continued to work in his AWANAS Sparks book.
Phonics – This week Micah worked on the initial blends of ‘sl, fl, tr, and pl.’  His sight words were 'get, yes, he, that.’

Math – This week Micah continued to review numbers 0-9 and added in learning about rectangles.
Caleb, Fifth Grade
Bible – Caleb continued to work in his AWANAS T&T Ultimate Challenge book.
Math – This week Caleb worked on adding three numbers in your head; special times; multiplication; and multiplication basics.
English – Caleb started a new chapter on pronouns.  He worked on pronouns; the antecedent; subject pronouns; and object pronouns. 
We enjoyed a very low-key Thanksgiving yesterday.  We went to see Frozen at the movies, and we were going to head to Cracker Barrel for our lunch.  But – it was crazy crowded even at 2pm, so we opted for Boston Market instead.  While it was NOT my mom’s delicious Thanksgiving meal, it was still decent and we enjoyed being together as a family.  After lunch we headed to the park to let the boys ride their scooters, and we then headed home so we could all enjoy an afternoon nap.  Smile
How did you spend your Thanksgiving?


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