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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Week 15 of Learning 2013-14

We finished up Week 15, and here’s how it went…
Micah, Kindergarten
Bible – We continue to work in the Sparks AWANAS book.
Phonics – This week Micah began working on initial blends, and he worked on ‘st, gr, sp, br.’  His sight words were ‘on, too, they, must.’

Poetry – This week our poem was “I Like Bugs.”  We used it to discuss commas, periods, and capital letters.
Math – This week we started with a NEW math curriculum.  I ordered Math Lessons for a Living Education Book One.  It’s very similar to Life of Fred, but I think it may be a gentler approach.  I’m really trying my hardest NOT to make the same mistakes in math that I made with Caleb again with Micah.  I think I pushed Caleb too hard, too fast in math, and I truly believe it has backfired.  He has struggled, and he’s still probably 6 months-year behind.  But – the beauty of homeschool is that IT’S OKAY!  I can teach him where he’s at and not worry about it.  So, I’m trying to do better with Micah and not really push too much.  So, since this is math through LIFE, then I think it’ll be a better experience.  We will see…
This week Micah worked on Numbers 0-9, which he’d already learned.  So it was more of a review…which most of these first lessons will be, but I wanted to start at the beginning since it’s a story that follows two twins, Charlie and Charlotte.
Caleb, Fifth Grade
Bible – Caleb worked in his T&T AWANAS book.
Math – This week Caleb worked on coins; using the fewest coins; subtracting in your head; and long subtraction.
English – This week Caleb worked on principal parts of regular verbs; principal parts of irregular verbs; indirect objects; and confusing verbs.  When we got to the confusing verbs, he was like “I don’t want to do that because I’m already confused.”  LOL!  Bless his heart…he did fine with it though.  Smile
We enjoyed a day at the park on Friday with some homeschool friends, and the weather has been very nice this past week.  We’re looking forward to Lego Club and checking out books at the library next week.  Smile


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