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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Finding the Positive When Life Throws You Curveballs…

So, I mentioned that I haven’t posted in over a month, and now I’ll explain why.  As most of you know, we moved to Florida’s Space Coast back in August.  Well, when we signed our one-year lease, our landlord failed to mention that they would be doing balcony renovations.  There are four buildings in the condominium community where we were renting.  They began balcony renovations on the first building back in May.  Well, they didn’t finish that building until the END of October…SIX months later.  They began construction on our building on 9/28…that means we were looking at at LEAST 4-6 months of noise, dust, chaos, and inconvenience…not to mention the 1-2 months of no use of our personal balconies (three of them).  Well, being as I stay home with the boys and we do our schooling at home, the noise is a HUGE issue.  It’s also an issue because we’ve learned that Caleb, due to his Tourette’s, has noise sensitivities.  Loud noises will sometimes send him into a tailspin, and it bothers him tremendously.  So, add all of that up, and you’re looking at a NOT very happy couple.  Our landlord wasn’t very cooperative in working with us to come up with a feasible agreement, so he just opted to let us get out of our lease.  We all agreed that we’d be out of the condo by 10/31.
Well, trying to find a place to rent in Florida during snowbird rental season isn’t very easy.  So, we ended up putting all of our belongings into storage, and we moved into Candlewood Suites for an unknown period of time.  Brian was able to negotiate a decent rate with them, and we were happy to be together and out of the construction.  So, on 10/28, we moved into the hotel.
Upon hearing of our situation, our pastor at church mentioned that a couple who had recently married may have a condo that we could rent.  He contacted them, and we moved AGAIN last weekend (11/9).  We’re now beachside again in a 2br, 1ba condo.  However, for now, we’re only able to stay here for 8 weeks…it was just rented for January-May.  But – it’s bigger than the hotel, a bit cheaper, and I have a full kitchen.  Smile 
So, this has been a crazy month+ for us, and we’re all learning a LOT during this time of transitioning from place to place.  I’m also becoming quite the pro at packing and unpacking.  Smile  We’re learning that we don’t need very much to get by for sure…being as most of our belongings are in storage.  We’re also doing JUST the basics with school b/c that’s all packed up, too.  So, the FUN will have to wait.  We’re making do by visiting the park weekly (more than once when we can), spending time with friends from church, spending time at church activities, and finding homeschool activities to do as well. 
We’re also learning that God is in control of everything (we knew this already), but it’s becoming more and more evident that HIS plan is the only one that matters.  We’re not in control, and that’s a BIG lesson for me…I like to be in control, and I’m learning the hard way that I’m not.  Smile  We’re so very grateful for all that God is teaching us and the many blessings He continues to bestow up on our family.
So, there you have it…finding the positive…sometimes it’s all that gets you through the day.  Smile


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