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Monday, October 29, 2012

Fourth Grade Week 17

We finished up Week 17 last Friday, but again…time got away from me, so I’m just now posting.  Here’s how it went for us…
Bible – Our question was ‘If all that God created was good, how could Satan be bad?’  We read Genesis 1:31, Isaiah 14:13, and James 1:13-15 to find some answers.
Math – This week Caleb worked on what time will it be; numbers in other problems; and decimals can show mixed numbers.
English – This was our 2nd week with Growing with Grammar, and Caleb is STILL enjoying it and grasping all of the concepts.  That’s a HUGE plus for us at this point, and I couldn’t be happier.  He worked on diagramming simple subjects and predicates; compound subjects and predicates; and diagramming compound subjects. 
Classical Conversations Foundations – We finished up Week 9, and here’s what we learned…

  • English – Prepositions ‘outside, over, past, regarding, since.’
  • Science – some parts of a plant (leaves, stem, roots)
  • History – Confucius and Taoism
  • Math – counting by 15s
  • Latin – 4th Declension Noun Endings singular and plural
  • Geography – Eastern Asia…Mongolia, China, Korea, Japan, Yellow Sea
  • Timeline – Byzantine Emperor Justinian, Benedict and Monasticism, Muhammad Founds Islam, Zanj and Early Ghana in Africa, Franks Defeat Muslims at the Battle of Tours, Golden Age of Islam, Vikings Raid and Trade
  • Science Experiments – Due to some upcoming field trips to complete our science task, we switched up science this week.  We used flowers to identify the parts of a flower…stamen, anther, pistil, sepal, and petal.
  • Fine Arts – Tin Whistle – This week we discussed rhythm, time signature, measure, and bar lines.  Caleb seems to really enjoy playing the tin whistle, and he’s doing a great job with it.
On Friday, we joined up with some fellow homeschoolers for some Spooky Science.  We learned about density, chemical reactions, made some slime, etc.  Caleb had a really good time, and I loved the opportunity for him to do some science experiments since we really don’t get around to those at home.


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