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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fourth Grade Week 16

I’m a little behind in my weekly posting of our studies, but we’re on schedule with schooling.  So, I’m happy about that.  Smile  Here’s how week 16 went…
Bible – Our questions this week were:  ‘The serpent talked to Eve, so why can’t snakes talk today?’ and ‘Why did God put the tree in the Garden of Eden if He didn’t want Adam and Eve to eat the fruit from it?’  We read Numbers 22:30 and Genesis 3:1-7 for the first question and Genesis 2:17, John 3:16, and Romans 5:12 for the second question.
Math – Caleb worked on adding one-digit numbers to two-digit numbers with mental carrying; liter and milliliter; two-step story problems; expanding a number before adding; more about millimeters, centimers, and decimals; larger or smaller angles; changing gallons to quarts; and how many minutes have passed.
English – Well, I broke down and bought another English curriculum.  I know…I said we were going to ditch the formal stuff and go for the fun.  We are still going to implement some fun stuff, but this new curriculum is such a gentle approach, that I really think it’s going to be a good fit for Caleb.  It’s very short, sweet, and simple…right up his alley.  Smile  It’s called Growing With Grammar, and I’ve heard GREAT things about it.  With that said, this week Caleb worked on subjects and predicates, simple subjects, and simple predicates.  After three lessons, Caleb seems to be happy with the new curriculum, and he’s not complaining or fussing during English.  So, HUGE kudos so far.
Writing – Using Just Write, Book 1, we worked on sequencing.
Classical Conversations Foundations – We completed Week 8 of CC, and Caleb is still enjoying it and learning so much information.

  • English – Prepositions ‘of, off, on, onto, out’
  • Science – some types of seed plants (monocot, dicot, conifer)
  • History – the Age of Imperialism
  • Math – counting by 14s
  • Latin – 3rd Declension Noun Endings singular and plural
  • Geography – China…Huang He River (Yellow), Chang Jiang River (Long), An-Yang
  • Timeline – Council of Nicea, Augustine of Hippo, Jerome Completes the Vulgate, Visigoths Sack Rome, The Middle Ages, Council of Chalcedon, Western Roman Empire Falls to Barbarians
  • Science Experiment – This week we got to dissect an owl pellet.  To say that Caleb had fun would be an understatement.  He was so excited about all the bones he found.  Smile
  • Fine Arts – Tin Whistle – This week we worked on music vocabulary and identifying different types of notes.
During some of his free time, Caleb decided to build a tower with unifix cubes.  He asked me to snap some pictures, so here he is with his tall tower.


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