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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fourth Grade Week 6

We finished up week 6 today, and it was another fun and crazy busy week.  Here’s how it went…
Bible – Our Bible lesson was on “Fighting Against Sin.”  We read Luke 6:27-38.
Latin – This was a review week, so Caleb spent time reviewing everything he has learned thus far.
Vocabulary – This week’s lesson focused on homophones.  Caleb’s words were:  boar, bore, sweet, suite, vein, vain, metal, mettle, boulder, and bolder.
English – This week we finished another section in our Just Write book.  We worked on picking a topic, sticking to the topic, and using a web to organize details.  Caleb used these skills to create a short composition.
Reading – Due to another busy week, we opted to skip our read-aloud time this week.
Math – Caleb worked on borrowing twice, finding how many more or less, using a reference chart, adding one-digit numbers to two-digit numbers mentally, multiplying by 5, parallel lines, and carrying twice.  He continues to do really well with this math program.
Exploration – Caleb chose to learn about leaves and meerkats this week.  We were only able to focus our time on leaves due to the busy schedule.  We’ll work on meerkats next week.  He read several books from the library that discussed leaves, and then he created a simple notebooking page.

We’ve got one more week before taking another break (which will be the week that Caleb goes to his first overnight camp).  So, check back next week to see how our 4th grade learning adventure goes.  Smile


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