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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fourth Grade Week 5

We returned from our break week refreshed, and week 5 went off without a hitch.  Smile  Here’s how week 5 went for us…
Bible – Our Bible lesson was on “Bless and Curse Not.”  We read Exodus 20, Romans 12:14, and 1 Corinthians 4:11-16.
Latin – This week’s practical Latin taught us how to say “Discipulus” and “Discipuli” (student and students, respectively).  Caleb learned that in Latin, most verbs end in the letter “o.”  His vocabulary words for the week were:  libero, narro, pugno, supero, and voco. 
Vocabulary – Caleb’s words this week were compund words.  His words were:  driftwood, waterfront, cardboard, junkyard, sunburn, beanstalk, quicksand, textbook, landmark, and gingerbread.
English – This week we stepped away from Grammar to focus on Writing.  I’m using Just Write, Book 1right now (we’ll use something else once Classical Conversations begins).  This week we discussed the beginning steps to writing a paragraph:  Brainstorming, Categorizing, and Using a Web.  Caleb used these skills to write a simple paragraph on Board Games.  ***He actually wanted to do the writing each day, and that’s a HUGE plus.  He wanted to keep going, but I had to stop him so we could do our other work.***
Reading – This week we opted to not do our read-aloud because Micah had swim lessons, and this gave us a late start each day.  It’ll be the same concern next week, so we’ll probably opt out of read-aloud time, then, too.
Math – This week Caleb worked on multiplication number lines, multiplication tables, changing word sentences to number sentences, simplifying number sentences, and adding or subtracting even tens mentally.  He seemed to be enjoying his math this week, and that always makes me happy.
Exploration – Caleb’s topics of choice this week were Rhinos and Coral Reefs.  So, we picked up lots of books from the library, and he read over them.  I also found several lapbook components on each topic.  We combined these onto a notebooking page (as opposed to doing the entire lapbook).

Caleb is really enjoying his exploration time, and I’m enjoying him being able to learn so very much.  Are you all gearing up for the beginning of school?  The public schools here start August 1st…summer is coming to an end.


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